Services Offered

1. VPN

Virtual Private Network is most economical and secure method of connecting private networks over Internet. VPN helps mobile users to connect to their corporate network from Internet. NIC VPN Service is used by government departments /organisations officials to update their web sites and remote management of the servers hosted in NIC IDCs as well as to access Intranet applications.

All users have to register online to get new Digital Certificate. This application form has to be filled in consultation with the NIC VPN coordinator and the printable file generated has to be signed by the user, recommending officer and NIC coordinator and forwarded to VPN support.

For online registration please visit

For further details (for Gujarat region) you may contact : Shri Sudhir Barwal, Phone : 07923255658, 1800 111 555
Further instructions and help can be found on
In case of Un-trusted VPN Server Blocked Error , Follow the manual


Registration process : Government department can register their web hosting Domain as well as hosting space on NIC servers as per the following procedure.

I) Domain name registration:

Department should register their domain and then request for hosting space on NIC server. Detail guidelines and procedure can be found at

NIC is providing web hosting services to the various Indian Government Ministries/Departments/Organisations/Institutions as well as State Government Departments and District Administrations for GOV.IN Domains. The web hosting services are also extended on the other country level domains like .IN, AC.IN, ORG.IN etc.. as well as on generic domain names like .COM, .ORG, .NET etc...

This section briefly explains the procedures to host the web sites with NIC on the following domain spaces.

  • NIC.IN Domain
  • GOV.IN Domain
  • AC.IN, EDU.IN & RES.IN Domains
  • Other Country Level Domains
  • (.IN, ORG.IN, NET.IN, etc.)Generic Domains
  • (.COM, ORG , .NET etc.)

Important !!! It is user's responsibility to take care of the registration process and keep the Registrant's ID/password safe and securely with them.

II) Hosing of websites:

NIC provides different hosting platform for hosting a Government website. Different web hosting infrastructure available can be found at

WEB HOSTING PROCEDURE for Government Departments:

1) Web site can be developed by NIC or can be developed from any other agency. However it should be noted that organisation/institute/department required to get the Security Audit done of their own through the empanelled auditors listed at CERT In web site.
List Security Auditors can be found at follow the link

2) If Organisation wants to use temporary hosting facility of NIC for auditing of their site, they can contact local NIC for this purpose. Following officers may be contacted . 1 Shri Mohan Krishnan P V (Deputy Director General) 2. Shri Sudhir Barwal (Sceientist - E) OR requested can be forwarded to :
Shri Mohan Krishnan P V ,
Deputy Director General,
National Informatics Centre,
Block-13 2nd floor, New Sachivalaya,
Gandhinagar (Gujarat)
PIN - 382010
Phone : 079-23255658

3) Once Security Audit is done, Certificate and report of the same should be provided to the NIC web coordinator. After due approval by concern security group of NIC, department will be informed through mail about hosting of their web site.

4) Remote Updation :
NIC provide the facility to update and maintain your site at your own will, sitting at a remote location through a highly secure VPN. User need to apply to take VPN account to NIC for this purpose. The complete step-wise procedure for a Website Owner to have VPN and FTP account for Remote updation/Maintenance is given below.

  1. Obtain a VPN conection/account : To apply for VPN, you need to Fill the VPN form available here
  2. Submit the filled VPN form to NIC Web Coordinator.
  3. The Web Coordinator will forward the same to the NIC VPN group.
  4. User will recieve VPN account details from VPN Group and neccesary guidlinace /instruction to setup and install neccesary software for VPN connectivity on Email.
  5. After the successful setup, please get the FTP details from Web coordinator.
In case of any problem you can be in touch with NIC- Web Coordinator